Agility is a nationally recognized provider of Business Process Solutions (BPS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions specializing in a broad suite of service offerings within the BPS space.

Agility works closely with our clients to customize and design programs based on their specific needs and unique business requirements. Tremendous flexibility and industry experience provide the competitive edge which makes Agility extremely successful in achieving and exceeding our clients’ goals and expectations.

The Agility Leadership Team possess more than 100 years of combined industry experience. The core-root of our success is attributed to the consistency of our team and overall corporate philosophy on education coupled with a “Can Do” approach in everything we do. 

The Agility pledge is to continue the quest for technological advancement and education, which enables us to meet the continuing needs and increased sophistication of every client and business partner we serve. Each Agility Representative is comprehensively trained on-site in

our Interactive Employee Learning Center. Our curriculum is customized and designed to mirror our clients’ education and re-education modules to ensure superior knowledge of their programs and brand. Thus, making Agility an extension of their organization.

A broader scope of our capabilities, outsourcing solutions, and services is outlined below:


What’s more; we can deliver these services within rapid time-frames based on core platform technologies, expert training development capability, and Human Resource availability in our local market. Consider these capabilities:

  • High capacity, dual-ring MPLS networking for connectivity meeting NIST security and PCI standards
  • Cloud-based telecommunications through major supplier inclusive of ACD, robust call management reporting and controls using either SIP or TDM-based connection
  • A training department of personnel who have expertise and experience in short-cycle curriculum development and training delivery
  • Secure facility with capacities to grow up to 200 additional seats in two locations (PA, AZ) with options to build out
  • High-availability of call center workers in stable, competitively-priced markets for the human capital required to bring call center services on-line rapidly
Consider the Benefits of Outsourcing your Contact Center Needs
  • Human Capital Availability - We can rapidly recruit, hire and train a pool of Customer Service Agents who are highly competent and skilled to handle Inbound Call Center Services such as Complaints and Issue Resolution, Billing and Account Inquiries, and General Product Support. Agility’s Customer Service Agents have excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written as well as bi-lingual agents who can handle both English and Spanish callers out of the gate.
  • Expert Training and Core Competency - Our agents undergo extensive training focusing on core computer skills, customer care services, and communication skills. As such, whether you need inbound, or outbound Contact Center Services, we are fully equipped and capable of handling a broad array of call types inclusive of multi-level, specialized call handling.
  • Performance Management Capability - Our operational capability aligns our agents’ skill set to your specific needs. With technology making communication easier and more accessible, you will rest assured knowing that we’re capable of focusing on your customer’s needs 24/7.
Implementing a True Omni-Channel Customer Experience Agility has made a significant investment in design, infrastructure, and systems to create a model of Customer Care Support for our clients that adds new technical capabilities to our Customer Care Solution, and is more reflective of the way Americans live and communicate in the 21st century. Today, our large-scale, Customer Care Network serves an evolving array of programs in multiple verticals in the Business Process Outsourcing space for both public and private sector organizations. Consider this graphical overview of the communication channels that make up the new solution: As the Flow Chart depicts, the Agility Customer Care Solution offers multiple avenues for communicating with our Contact Center Network. They can use the standard telephone to call the IVR that is designed specifically for their project. Through the IVR they can hear current responses to a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and initiate other services, depending upon the automated functions associated with their particular requirement. Customers have the option to transfer from the IVR to speak with a CSA to seek more personalized assistance. They can go on the client website and access information over the internet, or initiate any one of several service requests. Clients may then use the internet to send an email, open a chat dialogue, or use their mobile device to send a text message. Clients may also register to receive alert notices directly from the client to their mobile devices or home phone. The objective is to provide your customers with more communication variety based on the type of technology they use and are accustomed to, as well as to allow more diverse forms of communication throughout the course of a day in recognition that people with active lives may want to use different channels depending upon where they are, what they are doing and the communication devices for which they have access. Multi Center Support – Bilingual Capable
The Agility Customer Care Solution continues to offer all voice callers the option to navigate the IVR and/or speak with our Customer Service Agent (CSA) in English or Spanish. The caller may also seek assistance in more than 200 different foreign languages if needed, using our Language Line Solution. Furthermore, full assistance remains available to clients who are hearing or speech impaired and need to communicate through a TTY device or who prefer to utilize the services of a state or local relay operator.


Overview of the Agility Dialer A key component of our Contact Center Solution is the Outbound Dialer. The dialer is used for everything from courtesy follow up calls to telemarketing. Our platform provider provides an award-winning Software-as-a-Service Dialer Solution. The dialer leverages the same engine as the ACD and IVR, enabling true blending of inbound and outbound interactions maximizing the time our agents are interacting with customers. Local caller ID increases connect rates with callers. Our platform offers multiple modes of outbound dialing to suit all customer application needs: Predictive Mode is used to maximize agent productivity and customer contacts for large outbound groups. Predictive Mode can triple the amount of time our agents spend talking to prospects and customers by eliminating manual dialing and automatically handling unproductive calls. The dialer predicts agent availability, monitors outbound connect and dropped call rates and proactively initiates outbound calls to keep the agents productive. Predictive campaigns automatically detect and filter out busy signals, operator intercepts, and no answers. When the dialer detects an answer our platform bridges the caller together with an agent who is already connected to the dialer, minimizing connect times. Predictive Mode can include fax and answering machine detection with a configurable voice detection level.

  • Power Mode enables our center managers to set a call to agent ratio for dialing multiple outbound calls per available agent. When an agent becomes available, the system reserves the agent and continuously dials at the configured rate until a caller is connected to the agent. As with predictive mode campaigns, power mode campaigns automatically detect and filter out unproductive call attempts (busy, intercept, etc.) When the dialer detects an answer our platform bridges the caller and agent together. Power mode can leverage fax and answering machine detection.
  • Progressive Mode provides the power of Adaptive Dialing for groups that are too small to reliably predict agent availability. As with Predictive Mode, the rate of outbound calls is automatically adjusted based on statistics but like Power Mode, outbound calls are only initiated when one or more agents are available. When the dialer detects an answer our platform bridges the caller and agent together. Progressive Mode can leverage fax and answering machine detection.
  • Preview Mode enables our agents to prepare for customer interactions by providing a screen pop prior to the initiation of the outbound call. Administrators can configure preview campaigns to enable agents to skip records or to force the record to be dialed after a configured preview time. With preview dialing, the agent is connected while the call is being dialed so automatic handling of busy, intercept, etc., is not possible. When an answering machine answers, agents can automatically “lay down” configurable pre-recorded messages.
  • Manual Touch Mode provides an industry-leading solution for campaign lists that require TCPA compliance. Manual Touch mode places customers’ specific contact lists with TCPA requirements on a separate system that does not have the functionality of an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS) and that requires human intervention for each call to be placed.
Call Blending of Outbound and Inbound to the Same Agents We offer a fully blended contact center, eliminating the technology gap between inbound ACD functionality, outbound dialers, and the integration of CTI and CRM capabilities. No more toggling back and forth between inbound and outbound calls. Everything is unified and delivered directly to the agent's desktop. This helps improve agent productivity, as interactions are automatically routed based on interaction volume. Inbound agents can be automatically shifted to outbound calling, answering email, social media posts or web chat sessions when call volumes are light and agents receive scripting to help them shift gears easily. Similarly, outbound agents are shifted to inbound queues during higher volume periods. Dialer Support for Automated, Outbound IVR Campaigns Autodial Campaigns are designed to dial phone numbers in a list and to use call-progress detection to understand whether the call was received by an answering machine or person. Autodial campaigns can be started and stopped manually or pre-configured with scheduled calling hours. When an autodial call is answered, it follows a predefined IVR Script. The most common flows include leaving messages to the called party. We can also optionally configure the auto-dialer so that your customers can interact with a menu of options and messages, and even allow them to add their phone number to the do-not-call list without interacting with an agent. With our advanced capabilities, you can define many different flows to meet your business needs. The call flow can conditionally transfer the call to a live agent. If an autodial campaign allows some or all calls to transfer to a live agent, all the agent functionality of inbound and outbound campaigns are available. Agents receive screen pops, follow call scripts and set call dispositions. Autodial campaigns can optionally be set to initiate outbound calls only when agents are available. Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliant Our platform offers a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant solution for telemarketing. We have one platform that meets all the requirements when calling cell phones which are critical for fewer and fewer homes having landlines. This solution places customers’ specific contact lists with TCPA requirements on a separate system that does not have the functionality of an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS) and that requires human intervention for each call to be placed. Do Not Call (DNC) List Services List scrubbing against one or multiple DNC Databases takes place prior to upload of the list to our dialers. While an Outbound Campaign is underway, list records are added to a DNC List by agents as necessary, using a simple button control in their user interface. Our dialer users who conduct Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns will typically have an in-house or local DNC List to reference and as the dialer processes phone numbers, it automatically checks the Agility DNC List. If a number is found in the list, it is not dialed. List scrubbing against State and National DNC Registries is provided by numerous Agility Partners and we can manage the process for each client. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliant (PCI DSS) Our platform provides a variety of PCI/HIPAA call recording solutions to meet individual customer needs. The system utilizes automatic pause/resume of recordings based on agent activity in their desktop applications. This approach works both with platform native, voice-only call recordings as well as integrated partner Quality Management/Optimization solutions. The platform engages in an independent PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) to perform quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration testing. A Technology Risk Management group completes an annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire D (SAQ D) and Attestation of Compliance (AOC) covering all 12 PCI DSS requirements for the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of controls for safeguarding cardholder data and sensitive information. Impact
  • The dialer settings contribute to your Dials per hour (DPH) leading to better Contacts per hour (CPH)
  • Better CPH will result in better conversion of the outbound project
  • Reporting and review of lead files can determine best responder strategies
  • Personalization Data Warehouses can leverage the outbound dialer
Additional Uses for Outbound Dialer
  • Preempt an inbound call based on our personalization data. If trending shows a certain percentage of customer’s call 1 day late to make payments on a regular basis, the system can launch a reminder call. Saving money on inbound call and queue time, while providing a positive customer experience.
  • Change in terms notification requiring an opt-in/opt-out for returned mail customers. Reaching out to these customers based on last used ANI as saved in the Personalization Warehouse.
Overflow and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Capacity Agility’s Business Continuity Services provide high-level Redundancy Services for organizations preparing for the unexpected or scenarios of overflow volume. In the case of unplanned interruptions or disaster, Agility’s Business Continuity Service helps to ensure that organizations never skip a beat. With all Programmers and Developers on-site as well as an experienced Client Services Team, Agility is able to quickly ramp-up programs when special circumstances arise. Additionally, with the flexibility of some of our current programs, Agility can adapt to the increased staffing requirements of our clients and efficiently relocate individuals and educate teams of representatives for both inbound and outbound programs. The client services team assigned to your account will be responsible for program implementation and will oversee a smooth transition of call volume to Agility. We have experience assisting organizations facing the following situations:
  • Fire
  • Viruses
  • Blackouts
  • Public Relations Issues
  • Weather-related issues
  • Technical issues
  • Absenteeism
  • Product Recalls
  • Overflow volume
Agility currently acts as the business continuity/overflow site for several clients today. With expertise and experience, we provide our clients with the assurance and confidence that customers will be taken care of regardless of the situations that may occur. Virtual Queuing Agility uses an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in our centers. ACDs hold queued calls in First In, First Out order until agents become available. From the caller’s perspective, without virtual queuing they have only two choices: wait until an agent resource becomes available, or abandon (hang up) and try again later. A long queue results in many abandoned calls, repeat attempts, and customer dissatisfaction. Virtual queuing systems allow customers to receive callbacks instead of waiting in an ACD queue. How does it work? A standard First In, First Out that maintains the customer's place in line is set to monitor queue conditions until the Estimated Wait Time (EWT) exceeds a predetermined threshold. When the threshold is exceeded, the system intercepts incoming calls before they enter the queue. It informs customers of their EWT and offers the option of receiving a call back in the same amount of time as if they waited on hold. If customers choose to remain in a queue, their calls are routed directly to the queue. Customers who opt for a callback are prompted to enter their phone number and then hang up the phone. A “virtual placeholder” maintains the customers' position in the queue while the ACD queue is worked off. The virtual queuing system monitors the rate at which calls in queue are worked off and launches an outbound call to the customer moments before the virtual placeholder is due to reach the top of the queue. When the callback is answered by the customer, the system asks for confirmation that the correct person is on the line and ready to speak with an agent. Upon receiving confirmation, the system routes the call to the next available agent resource, who handles it as a normal inbound call. Impact Queue time is normally measured as Average Speed-to-Answer (ASA). When callers are offered the option to receive a First In, First Out callback, the callers’ acceptance rates are typically 45% to 55%.
  • Likewise, these callbacks with a shorter ASA will score within the Service Level Objective.
  • Since callers cannot abandon while in a virtual queue, the overall number of abandoned calls will decrease.
  • "Virtual queue time" saves inbound telecommunications charges (because the customer is not on the line) and frees up the customer's valuable time. Since the customer has had a positive experience, he may be less likely to complain about a long wait. The impact on customer satisfaction is positive.
  • About half of the calls that would normally queue for 5 to 10 minutes will now only accrue an ASA of approximately 10 seconds.


Agility offers complete solutions including fulfillment services. We are able to handle the entire process, preparation, and mailings of all direct mail campaigns and collateral material. We believe the keys to great fulfillment are flexibility, accuracy, and speed. We are able to seamlessly integrate our fulfillment services with our broader portfolio of services to manage the entire process of a campaign. We provide the following to ensure a total turnkey system.

  • Live Agent and Automated Response Services (IVR) – Through our state of the art contact center, we can accept and process order placements for fulfillment via a live agent or natural speech IVR system. Additionally, after an order has been placed, we can assist customers with questions and provide tracking information.
  • Web Request Fulfillment - We can process and report upon fulfillment requested through the web.
  • Digital Printing Services - Agility has strategic partnerships with various mail houses. We review the needs of our client and select the appropriate partner based on the clients’ requirements.
  • Customized Reporting - We work closely with each of our clients to develop fullscale, customized reporting for every aspect of the campaign.


Agility provides data entry outsourcing services with a strong emphasis on the accuracy and quality of data. Agility incorporates best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies as part of its data entry solutions. We customize our clients’ data entry screen and mandate double data entry to verify and achieve the maximum possible accuracy of data. Agility prides itself on delivering a 99% accuracy level. We’re able to achieve these levels with the latest technology, quality of retained data entry personnel, and continuous training of our data entry professionals.

  • Skilled Workforce - Our data entry workforce consists of some of the most experienced and skilled personnel. We also regularly carry out training and development to ensure that their skills and knowledge are continually updated.
  • 24/7 and Time Zone Advantage - We operate 24 hours per day x 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Agility will deliver results day or night.
  • Technology - In line with our aim to maintain our process efficiency, we ensure that the latest technology is used to assure the highest quality in the least amount of time.
  • Reduce Costs and Risk - By outsourcing to Agility, you save on the cost of investing in technology, infrastructure and trained human resources for data entry.


Agility supplies image capture and data entry services as a BPO service for our clients as well. Utilizing high-speed, high capacity scanning systems combined with OCR, ICR, and data extraction tools, we are able to supply accurate and timely services for clients needing imaging outsource services. Critical to supplying such services include our certifications comprised of HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. Services we are experienced in supplying include:

  • Customizable & Flexible Service Offerings - Document capture, archive, and indexing.
  • Chain-of-Custody Controls - Manage the secure transport, handling, logistics, document retention and destruction options to truncate further handling and expense of documents/files using auditable controls of the receiving and return of your physical documents.
  • Document Capture - With options to capture, convert, and perform sampling or full quality assurance inspection of image conversion.
  • Quality Assurance - electronic (at capture/post capture), visual and/or combinations of methods depending on client requirements.
  • Post Capture Processing - Image Recognition Processing using Optical Character (OCR), Intelligent Character (ICR), Data Extraction and operator-based data entry, data perfection and completion processes.
  • Secure Capture Transfer - Using methods such as secure, high-speed bulk/batch transmission, removable and portable media methods, etc.
  • Servicing a Diverse set of Vertical Markets - Including Healthcare, Transportation, Finance/Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy, and Governmental Sectors.